Solid AVG Comparison Review: Is It Worth?

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Probably one of the most popular free plans on the antivirus market, AVG Antivirus offers effective antivirus software. Users can benefit from free usage or buy a 3-year package at a good price. However, there are some weaknesses concerning usability and privacy. Let’s figure them out in this AVG comparison review.

The Main Feature of AVG

The free security solution from AVG focuses on providing basic protection for user’s devices. AVG can be used with desktops (Mac, Windows) and mobile devices (iOS, Android). With a free plan, users get access to scanning files and folds. It should be noted that files could be transferred in a special vault for quarantine. This product scans al data being transferred during browsing. It also checks emails.

Depending on the user’s platform, the developer some extra options. Thus, Mac users have access only to the basic scan, and protection for files and web. Meanwhile, for Windows users a performance scan and password manager are available.

The strengths of AVG are the following:

  • simple, effective interface;
  • excellent protection test results;
  • it’s a good product for safe browsing;
  • affordable price for a premium plan.

Despite all pluses, AVG has its weaknesses:

  • tech support is complicated enough;
  • there’s no password vault and VPN;
  • it doesn’t hunt down all threats, included virus, as they’re being downloaded.


AVG is a good, light security solution for regular users. It’s not a powerful tool that can provide users with the highest level of protection. This antivirus can address a limited range of issues. However, in general, does its work well.

It should be noted, that AVG efficiency has been proved by various tests. Thus, the results from AV-Test Institute for AVG are the following: usability (6 out of 6 points), malware protection (6 out of 6 points), performance (5.5 out of 6 points). The result from AV-Test showed that AVG could handle with 98.3% of zero-day attacks.

It is important to know, that although this product offers quite strong protection against malware, it’s not as excellent as some users may need. There are antiviruses from other developers that perform much better on that, although the difference is not critical.

Besides, AVG can easily find new types of malware and this is one of its strengths. Once AVG detects an unknown file, it will prohibit the launching on a device. This file will be sent for full-fledged research. This antivirus provides a user-friendly interface, so there’s no problem with navigation. Users can always customize it the way they like.

Moreover, this developer provides some interesting offers for business, including a virus scanner that focuses on storing all business information in a safe vault. Also, there is a solution for server protection and extra tools for inbox protection.

Final Thoughts

AVG Antivirus tends to show more false-positive threat-detection results than other solutions, including Bitdefender. It is also losing at other crucial fields like system performance. All the same, this AVG offers one of the best interfaces on the market. This antivirus could be a perfect tool even for advanced users looking for full customization.