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5 Reasons to Get McAfee Antivirus

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There is probably no user who never heard of McAfee. It’s one of the oldest and most popular antivirus solutions on the market. Very often this program is pre-installed on the laptop you buy or you get it with the installation of Adobe products. You can pick from different versions based on the number of features you need. The developer even offers a free version.

Each McAfee antivirus review states the obvious facts. For instance, it runs on Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS. The program also has minimal requirements for the system as it’s rather lightweight. However, let’s get to know more about the top 5 reasons you should get it. These are the most prominent advantages that make it stand out from the rest.

The strong sides of McAfee antivirus

  1. It comes with a great bundle of extra features. In addition to core protection, every user will get extra features and tools to secure complete protection when going online or staying offline. The selection depends on the plan you pick.
  2. The developer has a virus removal guarantee. Even if you have any issues deleting a virus, you can contact the support team and get it removed remotely in no time.
  3. Buying the premium version will cover as many devices as you need. Using one license, you’ll be able to secure all household devices including tablets and smartphones.
  4. McAfee has perfect scores in independent labs’ tests. Anti-phishing tools truly deliver 100% protection.
  5. Convenient live chat support lets you deal with any occurring problems or glitches fast. However, you can also reach a team of specialists via email.

Based on these advantages it gets clear how McAfee managed to become so popular. However, there are several other things you should probably consider before driving to your conclusion.

Peculiarities that can’t go unnoticed

First of all, there is always a place for improvement. For instance, the pricing policy. Antivirus is rather expensive which makes it hard to compete with similar solutions that are cheaper. Moreover, remember that if you decide to remove the software, it won’t stop the subscription. It has an auto-renewal feature in settings. Go to your account and stop the subscription lest you are charged with the services again.

Another fact some users consider a drawback is an interface that seems confusing at times. It might even be complicated for inexperienced users. While it’s more of a question of taste and preference, get a trial version to make sure you can get used to the layout. 5 main modules include Home, Security, Identity, Privacy, and Account. 

Finally, the program is only excellent at detecting phishing sites. The tests have shown that it still misses some other kinds of threats. While the protection is good, it’s not 100%.

Extra tools a user get with McAfee

After you install the software, you can greatly benefit from quality innovations like Ransom Guard. This tool detects zero-day threats before they get to your PC. It also blocks suspicious sites.

A personal firewall that comes as a part of the bundle is a nice addition to security measures. The developer made it very convenient as it internally makes decisions without sending you tons of notifications. It’s a great tool for online security.

Other great tools you can pick and get are My Network, Secure Deletion, Vulnerability Scan, Cleanup, Speedup, etc. Together they do not only protect your device from malware and threats but also maintain smooth performance at all times.

If you get all the new updates that are regularly released, you are sure to get the most from this software. So, if you need antivirus, you should consider this option. Get the free version and upgrade any time when needed.